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Sharing my ombre powder brow experience!
My eyebrows are naturally thin, a product of my Asian genes and over-plucking in high school. Over the years, I’ve sought out the perfect arch, density, and shape through hours of trial and error and countless purchases of eyebrow pencils, gels, and powders. Though I’m in a pretty happy place with the look of my drawn-in eyebrows, the fact that I have to draw them in or risk having the world tell me “Oh, you look tired” is quite the daily time commitment. Tired of this, I sought out permanent makeup to save some time and to add some permanent shape to my brows. 
Upon the recommendation of several friends, I went to Beauty and Brows LA. With microblading being one of the biggest beauty trends of the past year, I went in fully expecting to get bladed but after taking a crash course in permanent makeup from Ali the brow guru, I quickly changed my tune and opted for ombre powder. 
This is a permanent makeup tattoo technique using shading which goes over the brows in layered strokes. Because it goes over the same area multiple times, the pigmentation is softer and produces a diffused and natural look. This also means the color fades more naturally and gradually. Results from one session and one touch-up will last around eighteen months.
A thin blade is dipped in ink and color is applied manually stroke by stroke. It’s not suitable for oily skin and is the preferred method for those that already have thick brows but want a more filled in and defined look. Because the strokes resemble individual hairs, this technique would make my already thin eyebrows look very unnatural. Plus, the color starts in fade in about seven months which could potentially leave bald spots for those with thin brows. 
Although I still have to fill in my brows a little as I haven’t gone in for my touch-up session, it’s already saved me so much time in the mornings and I no longer look tired without any makeup on. I highly recommend the treatment for busy people looking for ways to shave off time from their makeup routine. And if you’re in LA, go to my girl Ali! 


Elite Long-term Makeup Unveils Their Microblading Course

Elite Permanent Makeup, among the most relied on makeup training centers today, is now providing their Microblading course. As the premier long-term makeup institute, they offer a wide array of makeup courses that can help striving students who desire to discover about makeup services.The makeup training center currently informed about more than 500 students. With the trust and support that they get from their customers, they continue to serve the very best makeup services that will develop the skills of hopeful makeup artists. Their newest Microblading course is open for those who like to develop another makeup skill. Interested individuals can register in the various courses used by the Elite Permanent Makeup.Elite Permanent Makeup comprehends that everyone desires to look good and feel great all the

time. With this, they have actually chosen to offer their Elite Brows Microblading Course. The course is stated to be their most profitable course. The trainees will find out the Microblading method with this five-day course.Microblading course will allow the students to obtain the skills and understanding about the art of manual hair strokes. It will likewise provide them with the abilities to add shading and depth in the brow. The Elite Permanent Makeup is a makeup training center that focuses on the complete satisfaction of their trainees. They come up to the service of rotating their weekly schedules to change with the working trainees that are ready to attend the stated course.In an affordable amount of$2500, the trainees will learn the appeal course within three days. The course schedule is from Monday to Wednesday 12 pm/ 1:45 pm/ 4 pm/ and 5:45 pm. The Elite Permanent Makeup ensures that every client will have the best makeup in the morning, twelve noon and the evening. The Microblading course of Elite Permanent Makeup is anticipated to be a sure hit in the makeup industry.The business has a group of expert makeup artists that will take care of their consumers from start to end up. They value their excellent credibility in the market, so they continue to develop the very best strategies to

please their students.About Elite Long-term Makeup: Elite Permanent Makeup is one of the most recognized makeup training centers in today’s contemporary generation. They are a long-term makeup institute committed to serving students just the very best makeup courses that will produce the very best and dependable makeup artists inthe future.They use a variety of makeup courses including lips makeup, eyebrows makeup, eyeliner makeup and other makeup services. They are the pioneer makeup training center that was approved by the Los Angeles County, Department of Public Health. Their services are open from Monday to Saturday around 10 am to 7 pm.For more details about the Elite Permanent Makeup, interested trainees can visit their official site at or email them at Contact Business Call: Elite Permanent Makeup Contact Individual: Mahnaz Bahaelou Email:< a rel= nofollow href=""> Send Email Phone:( 310)446-7878 Address:11961 CA-2, City: Los Angeles State: CA 90025 Country: United States Site:

Microblading Santa Monica

Microblading Santa Monica

Whether you’re talking about microblading in Santa Monica, Brentwood, or anywhere else on the Westside, discerning women and men are turning to Beverly Hills Permanent Makeup to provide truly remarkable outcomes. The salon has built a solid reputation for providing results that consistently satisfy clients, thanks to the skills of its resident makeup artist, Elnaz.

The Best in Microblading

For many years, Elnaz has  been at the forefront of what has become the gold standard for people seeking fuller, more attractive eyebrows than don’t require daily maintenance. If the term is new to you, microblading in Santa Monica goes beyond other types of long-lasting makeup through a highly detailed technique that produces results so remarkable that most people will have no idea that a client’s eyebrows are not entirely natural.

Elnaz’s loyal clients have turned to her over and over again because they know she provides results they can trust. She offers the fine aesthetic touch of a true artisan, with the knowledge and years of experience to provide the best possible results, keeping the entire process as safe and comfortable for clients as possible.  No two faces are alike, but Elnaz is able to create customized results that can dramatically improve a client’s overall appearance.

Ready for Santa Monica Microblading? Get in Touch!

Elnaz and the rest of the Beverly Hills unsightly gaps in eyebrows or simply trying to create the best possible look without the need for daily reapplications of mascara, we have a long track record of success that speaks for itself. To get started, call us today at the phone number above. You can also reach out via email through our contact page.

Microblading NYC – A Summary

“At some weddings There exists a good deal of cash on the ground,” states Theodore of Ariston Flowers, “that You will require a broom to brush it up. That might be a sight to have a look at!”

End adhering to Claudia I. 3/28/2015 Ashley is impressive!!!! I desire I ‘d acknowledged about her several years back. Getting my eyebrows completed has in fact been an everyday living transforming know-how. They look so natural therefore goid, I get compliments all the time. I in no method have to stress over ‘performing’ my eyebrows As soon as i’m grtting Entirely ready.

I poked all-around and discovered Ashley’s reviews. There were not as a great deal of as the other companies stated, but all of hers had actually been 5 stars and a woman with blonde hair produced mention of how great hers appeared. I was purchased!

We might even make These embarrassing driver’s license pictures an information of the previous, and select a long period of time off your search!

Makeup is simply not suggested to make you look twenty years younger! Of course no makeup producer can ever do that no matter how Considerably they claim. Makeup is indicated to help you inspect out your absolute best even while the skin starts finding aged in order that, you are able to age gracefully!

Purchasing, peeling or scratching the pigmented place requires to be avoided, as it might remove a few of the pigment or even scar the skin.

– Elizabeth Arden Intervene Makeup SPF fifteen, which is understood to normally be offered in twelve shades and is sweet in case the wonderful pressures and wrinkles begin to seem in the beginning.

Just how long microfeathering lasts: It generally does not have the staying power of microblading for the factor that “the pigmented stokes are much finer and natural on the lookout,” claims Streicher.

Our dozens of options begin with VOL Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner (readily available in our Store), that make top quality hair appear lots thicker, and our unique Hair Detox all-pure health supplements, which can be guaranteed to plainly show results inside 90 days.

The method was pain-free and rather speedy. I likewise opted for that touch up session a month later on because I did have some peeling, which takes place to be widespread for any tattooing– and it absolutely was nicely worth it. Following the contact up appointment, my eyebrows held flawlessly and I have not got to long-term makeup in manhattan pencil them in the least.

Imagine oneself, on your own prepare, making a mean of $800 a client! Whether you’re a college student, a active guardian, or an accomplished beauty consultant who generally desires to develop: our Microblading Masterclass is for you!

From the Greek Orthodox tradition, defined durations of your fiscal year may well demonstrate especially lucky for a wedding. In historical durations, such as, January was scheduled for celebrating Hera, partner of Zeus and goddess of marital relationship and fertility.

When i did control, I ‘d complete up mistakenly cleaning them off mid-working day and customarily would roam aroud ninety nine% of the time with out them. I are in fact major about this for a very long time, however it presently being my facial area I had been terrified of an awful expertise that would leave me worse off than merely just getting my existing mess. I last but not least decided right after observing an image of myself some thing needed to be done immediately.

Together with the crown from the wedding event altar in his appropriate hand, the priest blesses the groom 3 times, placing the crown on his head. He does exactly the very same to the bride-to-be, positioning her crown upon her head. Then the Koumbaros exchanges the crowns among the groom and bride thrice.

Jackie David Skin Care – Microblading & & Permanent Makeup NYC
114 E 71st St, New York City, NY 10021
( 917) 363-2635


Drive Huge Crowed With Seo – Chicago Website Style SEO Company

Drive Massive Crowed With Search Engine Optimization

Term “web marketing” is one that is quite broad to state the least. The fact of the matter is that web marketing may mean something to a few of you, however to another it could paint a various photo completely. Although people may see this as a problem, it is in fact a result producing thing. This means that web marketing is a huge market that can be tackled in a number of different ways. With out any doubt it can be said that the online marketing and its strategies hit the online selling and the Search engine listing back in 1990.

Seeing the boom the marketers took the chance to promote their website through the Seo of their sites on the Internet. Seo is the algorithm of improving the web presence, through the organic Online search engine Result Page. Seo (SEO) is the dynamic practice of enhancing a website with correct tools and approaches by enhancing internal and external aspects in order to increase the traffic the site gets from online search engine. Utilizing the search engine optimization the ranking will significantly increases. The search engines use the keywords. The pertinent keywords with the site and the item that the website offering.

Apart from the selection of key words there are some essential factors to increase the ranking of the website on the Online search engine Outcome Pages (SERP) are the page content, incoming link, website indexing with the leading most Search Engines like Google, Ask, MSN and Yahoo etc, and the competitive market.

The considerable market place is the most decisive aspect for getting noted for the sites in the leading ten natural searches on the Search Engine Optimization based on Online marketing Service suggests. If the webmaster’s website is handling the product or services that are not that essential for the spiders, they would not have appearance in the website.

Indexing the website on the directory sites along with the Online search engine is the most comprehensive methods to drive the traffic for the website. Therefore the webmasters’ sales conversions increase. There are two kinds of directory sites exist to submit the websites. Organic directory sites are those directories where exact same sort of the tropic and associated posts are submitted. In the non-organic directory sites there are different other tropics that people get through the as directory submission. Directory site submission services are profoundly prepared to help for the site to improve its ranking.

How To Utilize Social Media To Increase Seo |

For lots of company owner and online marketers, it can appear like there is a big divide in between search engine optimization (SEO) and social media. That might not be daddy from the reality. While SEO and social media are not the same thing, utilizing them to interact develops worth and relevance for your target audience. A well considered digital marketing plan must include SEO and social media interacting to boost one another. Here are 5 pointers to utilize to begin utilizing social media to improve your SEO.

Usage social networks to drive consumers to your site: Utilizing social networks accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter can introduce brand-new consumers to your product or service, motivating them to visit your site. Not only will this potentially increase sales for you, but it can enhance your SEO ranking on Google. While Google keeps pretty quiet about how to get your website ahead in search rankings, they like to provide consumers the most appropriate content to their search. This indicates if you are getting more site views, Google will begin to rank your website as more relevant and you will begin to move up. If you are utilizing “sponsored” or paid advertisements on social networks, you will begin to turn up more on consumers’ other social media channels that they have linked together.

Build engaging social media content: Now it is simpler than ever to get feedback from your audience on social media. While you do not wish to make every post a poll or study, asking questions every so frequently offers your audience a chance to communicate with you and voice their opinions. It is likewise an easy method to gather data on what your consumers like or do not like, in addition to their viewpoints on specific subjects. Twitter surveys are easy to create and reveal citizens the poll results after they submit their answers. Instagram has a brand-new feature on their stories where users can opt to ask a concern and be given an answer, which is then posted for everyone else to view anonymously. Facebook and Instagram are both helpful for posts where companies ask a question in the caption and ask users to answer in the remarks, and can even lead to conversations in between customers. If you choose this technique, it is very important to moderate the comments to make certain that everyone responding is being considerate of one another so that all included feel comfy and safe voicing their viewpoints. By asking questions and starting discussions, you are producing a sense of neighborhood and helping drive traffic to your accounts, all of which will improve SEO.

Brand awareness helps SEO: Brand name awareness is an excellent method to increase SEO, and social media is great method to increase brand awareness. Clients are more most likely to rely on a brand name that they have heard of. They are likewise most likely to browse a brand name that they have become aware of. By putting time and effort into your social media accounts, you are helping to increase your brand awareness. Running some social campaigns such as the Share A Coke project gets people speaking about your item, and drives traffic to your social accounts and sites. Social network functions as an online search engine of its own, with clients browsing for organisation accounts to get a feel of the brand’s personality, in addition to evaluations from other consumers and business updates. Using analytics on your social networks accounts can assist you gather more information to see what type of posts consumers are resonating with, and monitor when you increase or decline in page views and interactions. Developing a strong, unique brand name image will assist you produce brand awareness and drive traffic to your site.

Form strong relationships: Social network focuses on relationships, so make certain that you have a strong connection with your fans. A great reputation will get you more site views, social media profile views, and will get clients talking about your company in a positive light. This will assist increase your SEO by having your company’s name come up higher in keyword searches, particularly when your name is ranked with other favorable keywords. Affiliate marketing can assist you get the word out about your brand, by utilizing brand name ambassadors or partners who have a social media following to promote your product. Typically, brands will send their affiliates a free product, which the affiliate then shows themselves using with a favorable evaluation. By partnering with the affiliate, your outreach has dramatically increased, and your trademark name will be linked to the affiliate’s in keyword searches.

When utilized well, social media can dramatically enhance your SEO. By using social networks to connect and make connections, you can forward those efforts to increase your SEO. Using a tactical technique to team up the 2 can make your efforts go far with incredible results.


Search Engine Optimization Professional in India – Chicago Site Design SEO Business

Browse Engine Optimization Expert in India

When the website starts to get visitors, the variety of hits begins to rise. And search engines think that if a site has more traffic, it must matter and valuable. This more improves the SERP ranking of the website. A better ranking definitely means much better service.

Browse engine results tend to be viewed as non-biased, and they therefore have the ability to offer visitors that are better. A natural search results page is end product of search engine optimization strategies applied to a website. There’s constantly the need of deep competitive analysis, keywords research, links relevance, titles, Meta tags, material, the list is endless.

The number of search always increases with the help of seo. The process likewise helps in organic search listings. Seo always help in maximizing the exposure of a website by improving listings appear more prominently in natural search results page. The user here can easily experience the outcomes faster.

There are numerous SEO Agency located in India concentrating on SEM Services, (SEO) Browse Engine Optimization Solutions, Link structure services, (Pay Per Click) pay per click services and e-mail marketing services. The significant focus needs to lie to ensure the excellent results for Customers to generate company. The customers will get the total aid in Website Style, site development and website upkeep tasks and so on. There are numerous SEO India web agencies in India with professionals who can comprehend latest SEO India strategy and they know all kinds of Internet Marketing techniques assisting their customers in the very best possible way. The online search engine friendly strategies can quickly help you to target your goals. The SEO India services not just provide you with a distinct and attractive website design but likewise help you identify your niche in foreign and domestic markets.

Tattooed eyebrows? Microblading makes its mark

Tattooed eyebrows? Microblading makes its mark

Tattooed eyebrows? Microblading makes its mark

More and more women are binning their eyebrow pencils and going under the scalpel. But is it worth the sting?

More and more women are binning their eyebrow pencils and going under the scalpel. But is it worth the sting?

Rachel Lloyd |

“You have tensed up!” the therapist says, snapping on her latex gloves. I look down at my balled-up fists and laugh nervously, trying not to think about the small scalpel that she is holding near my ear. Soon she will dip the blade in pigment and etch short strokes into the skin underneath my eyebrows in an effort to make them appear naturally fuller and more shapely. This is a procedure known as “microblading”. Provided I don’t sweat excessively or sleep on my face and rub it all off, the tattoo will, I’m told, last up to a year. 

Semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing has a long history. Sutherland Macdonald, the first tattooist in Britain, boasted in 1902 of his ability to produce in ladies an “all-year-round delicate pink complexion” with a “slight pricking” of a needle. It has also long had an image problem, evoking an older woman who looks at best permanently surprised, at worst like a terrifying marionette, thanks to her overly thick lip-liner and needle-thin, over-arched, carbon-black eyebrows. But in recent years cosmetic tattooing has itself undergone a make-over. New techniques which use impermanent pigments rather than tattoo ink achieve a subtler look. Freckles can be applied to give the wearer the semblance of sun-kissed skin. The lips can be tinted to provide more definition.

The demand for treatments to shape and colour the eyebrows in particular is high. Thanks to Cara Delevingne, an English supermodel whose bushy brows have many admirers, eyebrows have become “the beauty obsession of the decade”, according to the Guardian. The hashtag #browsonfleek (meaning eyebrows which look particularly attractive) has been used 2.5m times on Instagram, bringing up selfies, beauty tutorials and before-and-after pictures; internet memes remind readers not to “let anyone with bad eyebrows tell you anything about life”. Little surprise then that microblading is the fastest-growing beauty treatment for the face in Britain, increasing by 424% since 2017, according to Treatwell, a booking platform. Indeed, most of my 20-something friends (and some of their mothers) express an interest in permanently tamed brows. “They are so important for framing your face,” one says, lamenting the frequency with which she has her blonde hairs tinted. “Microblading does the work for you.”

Ariana Bon, practice manager at a specialist clinic in Harley Street in London, says that semi-permanent make-up is popular with women of all ages and backgrounds, but particularly those who are low on time but highly conscious of their appearance. Many of her clients are professionals who, frankly, can afford a procedure that costs in the region of £500. They’re willing to spend the money because semi-permanent make-up saves them the time and hassle of applying slap in the morning and re-applying it after a sweaty commute, the daily grind or a bout of exercise. “It’s absolutely delightful to go on holidays and not have to think about make-up after a session in the pool, sea or after a workout,” Bon says.

The line of beauty Rachel’s eyebrows, before and after her “microblading” procedure

I was intrigued by the effusive tone of these testimonials. When I do bother to make myself up in the morning, my eyebrows are the first order of business. They are low effort, high return: a few strokes with a pencil or gel and somehow my whole face is less awful. At my consultation, the therapist notes my preference for “natural beauty” – i.e. my laziness – and emphasises that the purpose of microblading is to incrementally fill in the gaps between existing hairs. A top-up session could be booked, Bon said, if I wanted a darker pigment or more shading. “It is easy to add, but impossible to take away.” 

Are semi-permanent cosmetic procedures liberating women from the drudgery of daily beauty regimes, or reinforcing the idea that they can and must strive to live up to an ideal of beauty which is difficult to attain and expensive? It is a question I don’t have an easy answer to. While I accept that it’s faintly ridiculous that I would submit to the scalpel just to prune my eyebrows, at the same time, I’d probably do it again – if I could afford it.

For this article Harley Street Microblading provided a consultation and microblading treatment free of charge

Rachel Lloydis assistant editor of Books and Arts at The Economist


Law Company SEO Guide 2018: Ultimate Browse Engine Optimization Plan for Lawyer

The basic premise of search engine optimization (SEO) is simple: Maximize your law firm’s visibility online by taking advantage of proven techniques to rise higher in search results. These techniques range from creating content that positions you as an expert, to technical tasks such as ensuring your website’s structure and code is correctly optimized.

While SEO can be a significant investment, it’s an essential part of the marketing mix for those in a marketplace as competitive as the legal space. There are challenges, though: Some law firms that hire outside companies may become frustrated at the lack of transparency or failure to improve search engine rankings. Those who attempt to manage SEO in-house may find a lack of qualified candidates that are good at Local SEO, copywriting and link building. These are all unique qualifications that aren’t usually found in one person. Whether you fall into either of those categories or are new to SEO, this search engine optimize guide for attorneys can help you realize the ROI you should be getting from your investment.

SEO for law firms.

To gain the visibility you need, you must perform search engine optimization (SEO) on your website to:

  1. Get the pages properly indexed
  2. Get the indexed pages appearing highly enough in the search engine results pages (SERPs) that prospective clients find your pages in Google

Google uses a complex algorithm to decide how to rank pages for keywords. To be successful in Google’s rankings, how you optimize your website must dovetail with the ever-changing requirements of Google, and do so in a way that also provides clients and prospective clients with the information they need in a user-friendly way.

Your website is the foundation of successful SEO. From a high-level perspective, your legal SEO campaign should include:

There’s much more to these tactics, of course, so read on for the details. If you have any questions along the way, please to find out about our SEO services for lawyers.

Part 1: Keyword Research

seo for law firms keyword researchKeyword research consists of using professional tools and strategies to discover how people are searching for the legal services you provide. Although some keyword tools provide a degree of free usage, the most sophisticated typically are not free, so consider paying for a subscription or outsourcing keyword research to experts who offer SEO services for lawyers. Another short-term option is to see what free trial offers currently exist for these tools. We italicized short-term because SEO is a long-term endeavor. Some of the tools we use include:

Your ideal keywords are highly targeted with steady to good levels of traffic and with manageable levels of competition. The latter requirement is why, for example, you don’t try to simply rank for “attorney.”

As you conduct research, you’ll need to analyze keywords found for commercial intent. Although terms with commercial intent may have less traffic than other terms you find, they have two advantages:

  1. You can rank more easily with these terms
  2. They tend to convert at a much higher rate because people are looking for services, rather than just information

As an example, the keyword in the image below is from someone who is clearly interested in suing an insurance company. This keyword is entered as a search term an average of 90 times per month.

law firms seo keyword search volume example
Another example of a keyword with commercial intent are the 320 people searching each month for “Florida legal services.” The intent is commercial because they are looking to obtain (hire) legal services.

You’ll also want to find keywords with research intent. These often start with “why” or “how” as people seek answers to problems searching on these terms. Content based on these keywords make sense to use in content such as blog posts, white papers, case studies, and videos. These searchers may not be quite ready for legal services, but getting your law firm in front of them makes sense as a lead-nurturing strategy. The creation of quality content matters here: Content that educates or informs tends to garner more links and shares, which are ranking factors we’ll discuss below.

After you conduct your research, you can create a strategy based upon the keywords that you found, monitoring its success and tweaking it as needed.

A side note: At this point, you probably already have a domain name. If you don’t, to discuss how to choose a relevant, keyword-rich domain name that isn’t spammy. If you don’t yet have a website, you can also find out why as your content management system.

Part 2: Website Optimization

As a baseline requirement, you must have a . If you do, you’re ready to move on, and here are key elements of website optimization.

SEO Site Structure

How your site is organized and where your content appears within your website’s architecture is an important part of having a search engine-friendly site. Your site should be logically organized and structured in a way that makes it easy for site visitors to find the information they need.

Because you want potential clients to find your services section as quickly as possible, put that selection far to the left in the main navigation bar. Here is an example:

Beneath the main Areas of Practice navigation item, make it equally as easy for potential clients to find your legal specialties. Here is how handles the areas of practice sub-navigation:

It can be tempting to put your About Us link first in the navigation, but it’s better for SEO purposes and users if practice pages are first. These are the pages you really want to have rank well in search engines, and having them more prominent in the navigation sends more authority signals to search engines.

Our experience with studying the click patterns of multiple client websites is that users go first to the practice pages and then to attorney profiles and About Us pages.

Look for other ways to provide a quality user experience (UX) throughout your site. If your site is easy to use, people will feel more comfortable using it and be more likely to spend more time exploring it.

Good UX is also playing an increasingly important role in the effectiveness of your SEO. Google notices when people spend a reasonably significant amount of time on your pages and site (and, conversely, when you have a high bounce rate and low time on page/site). In addition, Google also monitors other engagement metrics.

Google has stated that engagement metrics (which allow Google to measure how much site visitors are engaging with your site and content) are not directly a ranking factor. But studies have shown a significant correlation, with high-ranking sites typically being the ones in which site visitors engage.

Here are additional UX tips:

  • When people find your site through organic SEO, they typically don’t see your home page first. They instead find you through the page on your site that ranks the highest for the keyword they used. This means you need to envision every page of your site as a potential front door to the rest of your site and as the first impression of your company.
  • Whenever you’re adding pages, consider where they belong, with streamlined simplicity a real bonus. A common mistake that lawyers make is adding too many pages to the navigation menu which could dilute the authority flowing to services pages. Instead we recommend creating sidebar navigation elements on individual pages to progress deeper into a subject matter.

Optimize URLs

Based on the keyword research you’ve conducted, use keywords in each URL on your site without overdoing usage. We’ve seen, as just one example, some personal injury attorneys using the term “personal injury” on every single URL on their websites. For example, they might use

That crosses over from keyword usage to keyword stuffing, which can hurt your efforts rather than help your SEO. A better URL for the about us page would be This is a better choice because this page is about your law firm overall, not about a particular service, such as personal injury, that you offer. More examples: Your motorcycle accident services page would be and your car accident services would be

Important note: What we’re discussing here is optimizing new rather than existing pages on your site. It’s possible that you might not have optimized URLs on the pages that already exist on your site. Those pages are almost certainly indexed in Google and, once they are, it may not make sense to change the page URLs for optimization purposes. If it does make sense, this involves more advanced SEO techniques that when done improperly will cause you to lose your visibility in the search engines for those URLs. So, before changing any URLs.


Having a blog is an important part of any law firm SEO strategy. Google has a “freshness” ranking signal that rewards higher rankings to site with frequently updated content. Blog posts also allow you to target search terms that are more research-based in focus. These search terms normally have a lot of traffic and, while your service pages won’t qualify to rank for these search queries, they’re perfect for a blog post.

To return to the example used earlier, the search phrase “can I sue an insurance company” currently has 90 searches a month. You can target this search term by writing a blog post titled, “How to Sue an Insurance Company if You’ve Been in an Accident,” with the first how-to on the list being the recommendation to hire an attorney.

Here’s another example: Ninety people search for “how to choose a criminal defense attorney” in the United States every month; that’s more than a thousand people every year.

You can write a blog post with this title and otherwise optimize the blog post for that term. You could add geographical tags such as “in South Dakota” or “in Miami, Florida.” You may have noticed that the monthly search figure we cite is national in scope, not just within your geographical practice area. But that number still has value: If you write a broad-level post about choosing a criminal defense attorney, there is clearly value in people inside your practice area reading the post. And, when people outside your practice area read your post to gain information, it will help with the engagement metrics described above.

You have multiple audiences for blog posts such as this, including:

  • Potential clients
  • Site visitors who will read it and:
    • Contribute to engagement metrics
    • Recommend the post to someone who needs this information
    • Share it on social media, extending your digital reach
    • Link to your article increasing the authority of your website.

When you consistently provide fresh content, you have the potential to build a solid audience of readers, and this keeps Google busy crawling and indexing your content to be made available when people search on relevant terms.

You can provide content on a wide range of subjects on your blog, typically focusing on longer-tail terms of three to five words each (or more). For example, if you defend people charged with DUI, you could write posts focusing on:

  1. How to get free rides home on the Fourth of July to avoid DUI charges (with another post focused on New Year’s Eve)
  2. How to ensure you have a reliable designated driver when you go to parties and what to do if your designated driver starts to drink some beers)
  3. How to be a good designated driver for your group
  4. “Mocktail” recipes for designated drivers and other non-drinkers when you throw a party
  5. Statistics that share the dangers of driving under the influence

At the end of each post, you can include a call to action about contacting you if the worst thing happens and someone is charged with a drinking and driving offense or if injuries occur as a consequence.

As you plan your editorial calendar for your blog, consider:

  • Your audiences
  • Information that would be helpful to them
  • Ways to share non-promotional information, then connect that to a promotional message
  • Available images and videos
  • Posting frequency
  • Optimization strategies for the blog (coming up soon)
  • Who will write the posts

Here’s another consideration: Google is particularly rewarding long-form content, such as posts that are at least 2,000 words in length and that cover a spectrum of issues all within one post. Here is more information about . The benefits of a long-form blog post include:

  1. Long-form posts position you as the expert.
  2. They usually rank more highly and are more visible online.
  3. People tend to engage more deeply with them, boosting engagement metrics.
  4. Long-form posts tend to get shared on social media more often.
  5. These posts tend to gain more inbound links (more about that important factor later).
  6. You can include information for people new to the subject as well as info for people who are already more informed.

Elements you can include in your long-form posts include FAQs, testimonials, checklists, quotes from industry experts, how-to videos and much more.

Avoid putting duplicate content on your site, on pages or posts. When multiple sites—or even multiple pages within your own site—contain the same content, some versions of it may not get indexed, which means this content can’t appear in SERPs. You can check for duplicate content issues at for a nominal fee.

The bottom line here is that your blog can be a powerful, linkable asset. This means that it’s the most likely place that other sites will link to, which is essential for your legal SEO (again, more about linking later).

Page Speed

Page speed has been a for desktop searches for several years and it’s now become a factor for mobile searches. From an SEO perspective, Google states that pages that “deliver the slowest experience to users” will be negatively impacted. However, at DAGMAR Marketing, we believe that everyone should keep page-speed considerations front of mind. Even if your speed is fast enough to satisfy Google, site visitors are impatient. If your pages take too long to load, someone who really needs to hire a lawyer will likely move on to your competitor’s site. This potential client is worrying about a legal issue, so he or she isn’t going to wait very long, probably much less time than someone ordering a pizza online or buying a pair of shoes.

In addition, if your pages are among the slowest to load, you’ll be hit with a double whammy: less visibility in Google and potential clients fleeing to your competitor’s site. If you’re interested in more information about page speed, we’ve done a . You can test your site at .

By using as an example, we can see the following information about their mobile offerings:

This tells us that although is reasonably well optimized, its page speed is mediocre. More specifically, its First Contentful Paint (FCP) metric tells us it takes nearly two seconds for users to first see a visual response from the page. It then takes another full second for the HTML document to load and be parsed; DCL stands for “DOM Content Loaded.”

Is being average in mobile page speed good enough for Or, more to the point, if your load times are similar to Best Buy’s, is that good enough for your site? The answer is, it depends upon what your competitors’ page speeds are. You can check your competitors’ page speeds with the Page Insights Tool.

Here is a look at’s desktop speed and optimization:

Desktop is somewhat faster for, with optimization not as well done.

We can learn even more from Page Speed Insights. For example, here is additional information about the mobile site’s page load distributions:

We can see, using both of their metrics (FCP and DCL), what percentage of their pages are considered to be fast in loading speed; how many are average; and how many are slow. Here are desktop results:

Another tool we recommend for checking page speed and other purposes is .

One more thing is important to mention: Google’s accelerated mobile pages (AMP). We wrote about but, in short, AMP is Google’s way of facilitating your ability to create lightning-fast mobile pages, crucial to consider since U.S. consumers are now spending an average of five hours daily on their mobile devices.

On-Page Factors: Content

Now more than ever, great content is a must-have if you want your law firm’s site to rank well in Google. Besides the home page, what else must you have?

First, it’s important to have a landing page that provides an overview about the services your practice offers, linking to individual pages for each of your individual specialties. For example, you could have a page describing your law firm’s services in general, and why a client should choose you. Then, from that services page, link out to a page that describes how you can assist car accident victims, as well as to one that describes services for truck accident victims, motorcycle accident victims, wrongful death and so on. Ensure that all services of any significance are included.

On your services page, include high-level keywords that people use to search for those services, using geo-modifiers as it makes sense. Include clear calls to action on each page, making it seamless to contact you online, by email, by phone and in whatever other ways you offer.

Do you offer free case evaluations? If so, it’s important to make clear.

If you have multiple locations, create a location landing page that clearly delineates the city/state of each of them, along with how to contact each of the offices. Then link to individual location pages and create quality content for each location page. This is an excellent opportunity to use geo-targeted keywords.

Create a compelling story in your about us section. Experiment with ditching corporate speak as much as you feel comfortable doing. Here is how presents herself as the well-rounded person she is through her choice of images:

This may feel too casual for you. If so, that’s fine. This approach doesn’t work for everyone. Take a look at how we handle introductions to our team at . Consider including a snippet that personalizes each attorney in similar ways.

Strategically include testimonials and reviews throughout the site rather than limiting them to the page specifically for testimonials. They really do influence potential clients. Why? Here, we’ll quote from a guest post we wrote for : “84% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, with 74% of them saying that positive reviews increase how much they trust a local business, and 54% visiting a website after reading positive reviews about the company.

“Here’s one reason why this happens: social proof. This concept (known more formally as the informational social influence theory) states that when a person does not know how to act in a certain situation, he or she will look to see what other people are doing, and then imitate their actions.”

A comment about page length: Although there is no magic number as far as length, Google rewards longer content. We recommend a service page for every segment of your law practice, each with a minimum of 1,000 words.

Provide an FAQ page and use checklists and bulleted lists throughout your site. Google now provides an Answer Box in response to many questions asked, located at the top of search results pages. If Google pulls content from your site and puts it there, it’s really located in what is called position zero, since it’s found even higher than the top-ranked organic listing.

You probably see these Answer Boxes all the time. Here’s an example:

Website Optimization: Keyword Use on the Page

To gain the attention of Google, pages and blog posts need to be skillfully optimized through the strategic use of keywords. This form of optimization is what people often think of when considering SEO and we’ll use this portion of one of our as an example:

You’ll want to optimize the title of the post (Ultimate Digital Marketing Blueprint for Startups). This is considered the H1 tag of the post and SEO best practices dictates only one H1 tag per URL.

Here is an example of an H1 tag on a page (rather than a blog post):

You should also optimize the subheadings throughout the post, but only when they can read naturally and well. Don’t force optimization and be sure to vary the keywords used. In the image directly above, you can also see H2 tags on the page.

These subheadings make it easier for site visitors to find the information they want, and it also helps Google correctly “understand’ your content. If you use WordPress, then it’s very easy to optimize these subheadings. You simply highlight the text and then choose “Heading 2” in WordPress.

You may have heard of these subheadings as “H tags.” That’s because, when coding them in HTML (which you don’t have to do in WordPress), Heading 2 would look like this: <h2>

A subheading within the subheading is an <h3> tag. Here’s an example from the same DAGMAR post used above: Features Versus Benefits. (In WordPress, you’d highlight “Features Versus Benefits” and choose Heading 3 from the scroll bar shown above.

H tags go through 6, but that’s beyond what you’ll typically ever use:

Use your keywords in your body copy, too, if it reads naturally and well, but don’t overdo usage as that can backfire. Google might consider it spammy copy, which pretty much ruins your chances of ranking well with that post. Here is one more aspect to consider, something alluded to in the section about the services landing page: It can help to link from one page on your site to another page on your site to provide your site visitors with additional relevant content. This technique, known as internal linking, can also help with your SEO if you use keywords in or near the link.

Here’s an example of optimized internal linking, using a we’d written about the benefits of creating long-form blog posts:

In it, we created a section where we gave examples of long-form blog posts from our own site, including, for example, our unique look at .

Here’s an example of internal linking taking place on a :

Inbound links take site visitors to estate administration and estate litigation pages, while also sending keyword signals to Google.

On-Site Back-End Website Optimization

When you optimize back-end tags on your website, they aren’t visible when someone visits your site, but they play a very important role in your law firm SEO strategy. Here’s how that works.

Let’s say a potential client of yours searches for “criminal defense attorney dubuque iowa” in Google. Organic search results that show up on page one are as follows:

Whenever you conduct a search in Google, you receive SERPs such as these. You’ve probably become so accustomed to seeing them that you barely even think about how they came together. So, let’s reverse engineer the first one:

The green line tells us the URL of the page:

Note how “criminal defense lawyer” shows up in the URL; because Google can now effectively decipher most synonyms, the fact that the search term included “lawyer” doesn’t mean Google won’t return results with “attorney.” The URL also includes the state (IA) and city (Dubuque). You can easily see how Google is serving up a result where the URL matches the searcher’s intent.

The purplish-blue line at the top of the search result is the title tag, and it also includes the keyword (criminal defense lawyer) and the geography (Dubuque, IA). The smaller black text is the meta description tag and it provides text enticing searchers to click on this listing. It includes the geography and the plural version of the keyword (criminal defense attorneys). Google is sophisticated enough now to understand that singular and plural are highly similar in intent.

So for each page and each post you write, enter the text you want to appear in the corresponding title tag and meta description tag. Google is not required to use what you provide, but typically does use well-crafted ones.

WordPress plugins make it easy to add title tags and meta description tags to your posts. You can typically use about 60 characters in the title tag and 160 in the meta description tag. If you add more, it may not show up in the SERPs, which is counterproductive. Here is an example of the back end of WordPress, where the plugin allows you to enter tag information and the URL ending (slug):

Title tags still serve as an important ranking factor in Google, perhaps less so than it once was, but still important. Use as many keywords in this tag as reasonable, but keep to the 60- to 70-character count or the tag may be truncated in the search results.

The meta description tag doesn’t impact rankings but a compelling one will entice potential clients to click on your site, not your competitor’s, so it’s vital as a doorway to conversions. Remember that there are at least 10 other listings on a search results page and they all look very similar, so meta descriptions are a good way to say what is unique about your law firm. Don’t be afraid to introduce your local phone number here as that can be clickable on some mobile phones.

You can also use keywords in the descriptions of your images (ALT tags).


This is an additional form of HTML markup that you can use on your law firm’s name on your own website, as well as on any address information. You can find the . It’s important that you use the on your site, as well. By doing so, Google may reward you with a review snippet in search results. Using schema is more complicated than entering title tag and meta description tag on the backend of your site, so with questions or for help.

Part 3: Local SEO for Lawyers

Local SEO requires you to optimize for your specific locations.This means that, if you have multiple office locations, you should have a unique optimized page on your website for each one in order to link well for your local audience.

If you’re more successful at this than your competitors, then your firm will appear in the coveted three-pack found in Google’s SERPs.

Below is an example of a three-pack. When we search for “providence rhode island attorneys,” a map appears at the top of the SERPs that pinpoints the location of the three highest-ranking attorneys in local search. Below that is more detailed information about each of these three attorneys. This is prime real estate, indeed.

As this image shows, Kelly, Souza, Rocha & Parmenter P.C., is just one ranking away from appearing in the prized three-pack for “providence rhode island attorneys.” In other words, this law firm could go from being buried in a “More places” link to being highlighted on a map at the top of the SERPs.

We’ll examine this example in more detail but, first, let’s do a bit of reverse engineering to help you rank well for local search. If you haven’t yet created or claimed your , put that at the top of your list. It is essential that you have an accurate and complete GMB listing.

After you create or claim yours, you will need to verify that listing. You can find more .

You must have a complete and accurate GMB listing, even if you have a great website. To quote , “Google My Business complements your existing website by giving your business a public identity and presence with a listing on Google. The information that you provide about your business appears on Google Search and Maps.”

It’s vital that the name, address and phone (NAP) information found on your website and in accompanying schema matches that of GMB. Think of it as the Yellow Pages of the digital age and you’ll quickly see why inaccuracies are highly problematic.

If there are any discrepancies in your NAP, prioritize this fix because accurate business data is fundamental to Google’s local search algorithm. The maps section of Google, for example, relies heavily on accurate data so users call the right number and get accurate driving directions. The bottom line: If your online NAP information is incorrect, Google won’t trust your listing enough to show it for searches.

Now, let’s go back to the law firm that was ranking number four in local search.

You know what stands out?

“No reviews.” Reviews in Google are a huge factor in local SEO rankings, so encourage satisfied clients to write a review of your law firm. Don’t ask for a positive review; simply make the request of clients that you believe are satisfied with your services. Here’s how you can that will take these clients to where they can write that review.

Never write a fake review or encourage anyone else to do so. Don’t have members of your law firm team write one, and don’t ever leave a bad review about your competitors. Have a plan in place about how you’ll respond to any negative reviews you receive, and don’t respond to only the negative ones. has more recommendations about reviews and here is our own deep dive about .

Any time you’re listed in a directory, make sure that your name, address and phone number are correct. Contact any directories that have incorrect information and request corrections to the citations. Google references the NAP information in your GMB profile against NAP data displayed in any other online business directory (such as,, and and discrepancies lead to a lack of trust with Google.

If you’re new to local SEO or aren’t getting the results you need from your current local SEO provider, DAGMAR Marketing can help. We focus on proven best practices and have helped law firms like yours realize gains in rankings and a better ROI. Local SEO is one of our specialties, and we’ve even picked up along the way.

Part 4: Link Building

To have a highly effective legal SEO campaign, you must have quality backlinks or inbound links that exist on one site and point to yours. These inbound links must be relevant and from diverse set of domains, which is very important if you want your site to rank well in Google.

Here’s an example: An article in titled links to the blog post on our site.

This is an image from the Forbes article with the blue hyperlinks serving as outbound links for and inbound links to the sites to which they are linking.

Here is the article at DAGMAR Marketing that received the inbound link from Forbes:

You can get a high-level look at a site’s link profile at , including your own, using their Domain Authority (DA) tool. You can use this tool on a limited basis for free or pay a subscription fee to mine a wealth of data. By looking at the DA dashboard for the American Bar Association, we see that they have a rating of 89/100, which is excellent, along with a spam score of 1/17, which is outstanding. They have 24,318 inbound links from 1,107 different root domains.

Top ranking backlinks come from well-known sites and they include:

Get your baseline DA score and also check those of your competitors. What’s important is how you compare to your direct competitors; in other words, it doesn’t matter that has a nearly perfect score of 97. In fact, if you practice only in Florida, it doesn’t matter what the DA scores are for law firms that only practice in Nevada. Monitor how your score changes as you conduct your legal SEO campaign and continue to monitor scores of top competitors. Are you getting closer? Passing any up?

Ways to get more quality inbound links include getting listed in quality directories for attorneys. Some are free, while others have a fee. Here are ten excellent free directories to consider (and, remember, if listings already exist and are incorrect, get them fixed):

  • DA score of 87
  • DA score of 84
  • DA score of 82
  • DA score of 80
  • DA score of 79
  • DA score of 74
  • DA score of 70
  • DA score of 62
  • DA score of 59
  • DA score of 52

What local, state and national organizations do you belong to? Can you get listed on their websites?

Link building is a best-practice off-site SEO tactic. When you have a healthy link profile, Google recognizes your site as one worthy of trust and rewards you accordingly in rankings. Other ways in which you can get inbound links include being quoted in online news sources. You can monitor requests for information from reporters at (often referred to as HARO), and the like. Creating high-quality, relevant content is also key, which is why we referred to your blog as your linkable asset. When you provide content that people want to share, they often link to it.

You can also write guest blog posts that allow you to link back to your own site. One strategy is to provide law-related news to sites intended for legal professionals. As an example to explore, there is . This site has a nice DA of 54; if you decide to further investigate this opportunity, determine if the link to your site will be a follow link (what you want) or a no-follow (which isn’t what you want). You can also that don’t have attorneys as their audiences. Think about which of these blogs may have potential clients as readers and, if the site has a nice DA and will offer you a follow link, consider writing a post for them solely for the backlink benefits.

Low-quality inbound links don’t help your site and may hurt it. In some instances, it may be wise to use to let Google know you don’t want any negative impact from a spammy link pointing to your site. We recommend consulting with an SEO specialist before attempting this technique.

Measure Your Results

As you incorporate SEO tactics into your digital marketing plan, you’ll want to benchmark your success. This can include measuring how much your site traffic increases, which pages are receiving the most traffic, how many inbound links are coming into your site and the quality of these links, and more. You can find a wealth of information in Google Analytics and the Search Console, and you can monitor your DA score and so much more. Create solid baseline reports, along with monthly follow up reports. Continue to tweak your strategy as you learn more from your results.

Hire Experts for Your Legal SEO Campaign

With most consumers searching exclusively online for an attorney, it takes more than keywords for your website to rank higher than those of competitors who have a comprehensive SEO strategy in place. If you’d like to learn more about how SEO can help your law firm be found online by your best prospective clients, or call 904-270-9778. We offer free, one-hour consultations to discuss your needs.

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