Microblading Eyebrows: Inside Scoop

Microblading – I had heard of it, but wasn’t entirely sure what it involved. I discovered last week the inside scoop and wanted to share it with you.

A great friend of mine had it done a couple of weeks ago. Here are the positives and negatives she mentioned.

Microblading: Inside Scoop


•Relatively painless

•Lasts for years

•Eliminates time tweezing and shaping at home


•Took about an hour and a half

•Will need to be redone at some point

•Can’t get brows wet for about a week after procedure

So, let’s discuss this.

Microblading is a procedure where the aesthetician basically tattoos brow-like hair on the eyebrow.

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First, a numbing solution is applied. After about 20 minutes, the procedure begins. It’s supposed to last for two – five years, but that varies from person to person.

Each brow took about 30 minutes, and there was discomfort involved, although not painful.

After the procedure, the brows cannot get wet for about a week, which complicates showering and shampooing!

The cost is about $300 in the Midwest. I’m guessing price may vary depending on where you are.

In the end, my friend said she loves her new brows and had always wanted to have microblading done.

Have you tried it? Drop your comments below!

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